Illamasqua paranormal review

On Sunday I was notified of the new Paranormal collection by Illamasqua, so I went on line and bought it!

So here's what I got!...........

I was excited to try out the pallet as the colours are really nice with just the right amount of shimmer in them that catches the light perfectly.  

As Illamasqua quotes.....

"This unique water-resistant eye shadow cant quite decide if its a cream or powder"

So I was eager to see if it creased or not - and it did! :(  I used urban decay's primer potion first, which I use most of the time on clients, covered all my eye and underneath.   I used all the colours in the pallet, they where really easy to blend with a brush which was nice, they looked great for about an half an hour and then I started to notice the eye shadow moving just on the crease of my eye. Everywhere else the eye shadow still looked great. So maybe using these on the lid and blending up is not the best thing to do.

 *photo just before it started to crease a lot,  by the end of the day it was really separated.

Hydra veil

was really nice, it is clear and has a jelly like consistency,  I put it on with a foundation brush, it was cool and refreshing and left my skin really soft and hydrated ready for foundation, I can see me using this a lot! 

Gel eyeliner,  another thing I was excited to try as I've been waiting for Illamasqua to bring out a gel liner since they first started.  As its a product I use a lot in my kit (more than pencils and liquid) and Illamasqua being my favorite brand I am happy they launched this. 

The eyeliner went on smoothly and quickly and lasted all day, looking like it did when I first applied it!

Illuminator (fondle)

 I used this on my cheek bones, I liked the pink/golden tones in this and it went well with the pink - first colour from the paranormal pallet, to create a strong look on the cheeks. And best of all the illuminator was free!:)

Lipstick (ESP)

 I love a good purple lippy!  Its a really nice shade with slight iridescent tones to it. It is matt too so you need to make sure you don't have dry skin on your lips even more than other types of lipstick as it will really stand out and wont look so great! 

I used a lip gloss from too faced cosmetics to add more sparkle to my lips too.

Here's the complete look I created, I hope you like!.....

Sophie x

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Make-up by Sophie