When Illamasqua sent me an email saying they had added an extra 10% to my professional discount for a week I had to use it and buy myself some goodies for myself and my kit! Heres what I got in the post today....

Precision ink - Abyss

Eye shadow - Apex

Eye shadow - Stealth

Pure pigment - chasm

(Apologies for the not so great photo quality)


Other than the eye shadow in


and Pure pigment in Chasm,  the others where just replenishments for my kit that I know I love already and use a lot.  

Here is the look I went for today with these products....


With the bright red orange and lovely turquoise shimmer it makes me think of a sunset! I also used a silver glitter liner on the lash line, also a bit on the lashes too, which are from Primark and brilliant! I use them everyday on myself and the glue is great too.  Cant really go wrong for a £1.00!!

Just to add to my Illamasqua obsession I used skin base foundation no.6 and Slink eyeshadow from the Complement pallet under my brows.  The only product I used that wasnt illamasqua was an e.l.f brown cream eyeliner, which I used on my brows.

Sophie :)