Love my dress feature!

This week my Makeup & hair styling has been featured on Love my Dress wedding blog!  I really enjoyed creating Charlotte's vintage look for her and Mark's big day this time last year.  You can see more photos below from the fabulous photographer Emilie May and via the blog post link!


Photographer – EMILIE MAY PHOTOGRAPHY + CLARE ROBINSON PHOTOGRAPHY (second photographer)  |  Ceremony – MANCHESTER TOWN HALL  |  Venue + Catering – QUARRY BANK MILL, Styal, Cheshire  |  Wedding Dress – ANNASUL Y via THE WHITE CLOSET  |  Shoes – RACHEL SIMPSON (via unknown website)  |  Hairpiece – DEBBIE CARLISLE  |  Jewellery – Diamond earrings + LINKS OF LONDON bracelet (both gifts)  |  Florist – FLORAL AFFAIR + horseshoe via SILVER SIXPENCE IN HER SHOE  |  Bridesmaid's Dresses – THE HOUSE OF FOXY  |  Groom – WHITFIELD & WARD suit + tie and pocket square from HAMMOND & CO VIA DEBENHAMS  |  Cake of cheese – THE CHURCH MOUSE  |  Rings – TWO BECOME ONE JEWELLERY  |  Entertainment – JUKEBOX BAND + Photobooth via VINTAGEBOOTH.ME

Full list of suppliers via the blog link below.

My Top 5 Hairstyles for special occasions in 2017

Below are my top 5 hairstyles for this year.  Whether you are a bride to be, have your prom to plan for or just have a big day coming up then I have gathered some styles that I really like creating for your inspiration, from vintage styles to undone Boho chic styles.

You can find more ideas on my Pinterest

So in no particular order....


Braided Chignon

I really like how many different ways you can create a braided chignon so you'll definitely be able to find one that suits your style.  This style works well with medium to long hair, or for short hair padding can be added to bulk out the shape. The braids make this an extra secure hairstyle with stunning texture which looks effortless so you can be sure that this will last your whole day.


Elegant & Structured buns

I really love creating this style of up-do, mainly because I like the challenge and of course because they are structurally beautiful.  I often find that these styles are preferred by my clients that are more of a perfectionist, like myself.  There are many different styles of bun up do's, maybe more of a simple but sleek bun is what you'd prefer because you'd like your outfit to stand out more.  Or if your hair is something you want to really show off, then having pin curls and twists within your bun will definitely be a statement look.


Undone/ Boho chic

If your looking for a style that looks effortless and romantic then this kind of style is for you. You can add braids and twists for extra texture and soft curls left out at the sides to add more of a relaxed look.  I find floral and foliage accessories go really well with this style.


Vintage up-do

Do you have a vintage themed wedding or event coming up? Spice up your hair and go for an ultra glam up do with pin curls and waves. I love creating these styles and vintage is in fashion! 



If you'd prefer your hair down for your special day then waves are a great option. With different types of waves from loose waves to structured Hollywood waves, if you have long or short hair waves will create volume and look totally glamorous!     

My Time on the course - Val Garland School of Makeup

Hey everyone!  The course is going well, although im struggling to find time with a busy schedule to get my briefs done on time. My favorite brief so far has been the Show brief where we got to choose between Preen or Vivienne Westwood.  

Vivienne Westwood being on of my favorite designers I of course chose her brief.  The past runway makeup designs have been very creative and out there so I felt that fitted me best.

The brief was based on the hash tag #politiciansRcriminals - Vivienne's current campaign.  These are the looks I created based on this.  My main inspirations being Oil and pollution.  Hope you like!

Ice Queen

I did a shoot a few weeks back with the amazing Doug from Flash Bang Wallop and the Beautiful Magenta Rare!
We created these stunning images together!  As you can see our inspiration was the Ice queen look.  I wanted to create something that was really different from the normal looking ice queen looks that have been achieved in the past, I only really wanted to concentrate on a small colour range so I decided to go with red and white!

Products I used where mainly Illamasqua.  I used Maybelline 24hr lipstick on Magenta's lips, this is one of my favorite lipsticks, its amazing!
Anyway I hope you like the images, I absolutely love them!

Sophie x

Update & Crown brushes review


Apologies on the lack of posts Ive not really had much time since my last one. I flew to Ghent with my team

Rainy City Roller Girls

 to play in a tournament then when i got back ive been busy with re designing my makeup website and of course general life.

I think this blog post will be of use to many people as I always get asked about brushes and which brushes are the best to use etc.

I had heard a lot of good things about crown brushes on the internet and from other makeup artists so I thought well I need some new brushes (who doesent!) So I went online and bought some.

Im using Crowns images so you can see them clearly.

 First I noticed these beauts....

The 7 piece HD brush collection,  the brushes are made from dense nylon bristles, they are designed for powders, creams and liquids, they pick up less product therefore making them great for HD filming and photography. 

I used these today on my clients and they are sooo soft!! Made my makeup application flawless!

The brushes included are: 

Powder brush

Foundation brush

Blush brush

Blending crease brush

Round shadow brush

Eyeliner brush

Also in this set is a metal pallet and double spatula, this is great for mixing liquids and creams for example lipsticks, hygienically.  I'm so used to using my hand as a pallet using this will take some getting used too!

Priced at


I also bought these....

Metal eyelash comb

I've wanted one of these for a while now as plastic ones always break on me, ending up with gaps in the comb!   This is definitely good quality and separates your lashes after mascara application perfectly. 

Priced at


Duo fibre crease brush

A great little blending brush made from natural and synthetic fibres, for creams and powder products.

Its quite tapered at the end so is really good if you want to create a defined crease. Ideal as a concealer brush too!

Also priced at


Mini Duo fibre blender 

A synthetic/natural bristled brush again.  I also have the larger version of this kind of brush and this one is so much better for blending and buffing liquid/ powder foundations and blushers into skin.  Application is flawless and airbrush like with this brush. 

Priced at 


So over all, I really like these brushes and can see I will be using them a lot.

You cant really go wrong with them especially with the very reasonable price for the quality,  compared to some over priced brands out there! Remember to experiment with brushes, for example, you don't need to use a lip brush on lips and eye shadow brush on your lids just because its labelled that.

Crown also do own branding/labelled brushes so I might have a shiny new set in the future with my logo on!  :)

Also if your a professional you can apply for discount and will receive 10% off your order.

Sophie x 

My favourite lippy's!

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite red lipsticks with you.....

My ultimate fave.....Lime Crime velvetines lipstick - red velvet.

This lipstick is amazing hence why it sells out straight away.  It goes on like a lip gloss and dries to a perfect velvety matt finish, its the longest lasting lipstick I have ever had, its smudge proof, waterproof and kiss proof, the only thing its not is oil proof! If your eating anything which is even slightly oily then be aware that little bits will come off.

If it does wear off slightly then you can re apply without having the heavy tacky feeling you get with some long wear lipsticks.

A photo of me wearing it below.

Illamasqua - Sangers

This is a deep blood red,  it has a matt finish but it isn't as drying as some matt lipsticks, so it goes on a lot smoother too because some can drag on your lips and look patchy!  Always make sure your lips are not dry before you apply matt lipstick,  you can buy lip scrubs to get rid of any dry patches.

Dita Von Teese, for Art Deco - Maitresse

Another deep rose red lipstick that claims to be matt but its not completely matt. Similar to the Illamasqua lipstick above but darker and with a bit more moisture to it. It lasts hours when used with the matching Art Deco liner as a base.  The lip liner is also good on its own if you want a completely matt finish!  I have a few other colours in this collection and all of them are highly pigmented!

So there you go! My favourite red lippy's  :)

Illamasqua paranormal review

On Sunday I was notified of the new Paranormal collection by Illamasqua, so I went on line and bought it!

So here's what I got!...........

I was excited to try out the pallet as the colours are really nice with just the right amount of shimmer in them that catches the light perfectly.  

As Illamasqua quotes.....

"This unique water-resistant eye shadow cant quite decide if its a cream or powder"

So I was eager to see if it creased or not - and it did! :(  I used urban decay's primer potion first, which I use most of the time on clients, covered all my eye and underneath.   I used all the colours in the pallet, they where really easy to blend with a brush which was nice, they looked great for about an half an hour and then I started to notice the eye shadow moving just on the crease of my eye. Everywhere else the eye shadow still looked great. So maybe using these on the lid and blending up is not the best thing to do.

 *photo just before it started to crease a lot,  by the end of the day it was really separated.

Hydra veil

was really nice, it is clear and has a jelly like consistency,  I put it on with a foundation brush, it was cool and refreshing and left my skin really soft and hydrated ready for foundation, I can see me using this a lot! 

Gel eyeliner,  another thing I was excited to try as I've been waiting for Illamasqua to bring out a gel liner since they first started.  As its a product I use a lot in my kit (more than pencils and liquid) and Illamasqua being my favorite brand I am happy they launched this. 

The eyeliner went on smoothly and quickly and lasted all day, looking like it did when I first applied it!

Illuminator (fondle)

 I used this on my cheek bones, I liked the pink/golden tones in this and it went well with the pink - first colour from the paranormal pallet, to create a strong look on the cheeks. And best of all the illuminator was free!:)

Lipstick (ESP)

 I love a good purple lippy!  Its a really nice shade with slight iridescent tones to it. It is matt too so you need to make sure you don't have dry skin on your lips even more than other types of lipstick as it will really stand out and wont look so great! 

I used a lip gloss from too faced cosmetics to add more sparkle to my lips too.

Here's the complete look I created, I hope you like!.....

Sophie x

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Make-up by Sophie


When Illamasqua sent me an email saying they had added an extra 10% to my professional discount for a week I had to use it and buy myself some goodies for myself and my kit! Heres what I got in the post today....

Precision ink - Abyss

Eye shadow - Apex

Eye shadow - Stealth

Pure pigment - chasm

(Apologies for the not so great photo quality)


Other than the eye shadow in


and Pure pigment in Chasm,  the others where just replenishments for my kit that I know I love already and use a lot.  

Here is the look I went for today with these products....


With the bright red orange and lovely turquoise shimmer it makes me think of a sunset! I also used a silver glitter liner on the lash line, also a bit on the lashes too, which are from Primark and brilliant! I use them everyday on myself and the glue is great too.  Cant really go wrong for a £1.00!!

Just to add to my Illamasqua obsession I used skin base foundation no.6 and Slink eyeshadow from the Complement pallet under my brows.  The only product I used that wasnt illamasqua was an e.l.f brown cream eyeliner, which I used on my brows.

Sophie :)

My first blog post! Finally

So ive thought about doing a blog for some time now and finally decided to take the plunge!
I will hopefully be posting regular updates about what ive been up to in my work and giving my opinions on products etc.   Also there may be a bit of Roller derby thrown in there too! :)