My Top 5 Hairstyles for special occasions in 2017

Below are my top 5 hairstyles for this year.  Whether you are a bride to be, have your prom to plan for or just have a big day coming up then I have gathered some styles that I really like creating for your inspiration, from vintage styles to undone Boho chic styles.

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So in no particular order....


Braided Chignon

I really like how many different ways you can create a braided chignon so you'll definitely be able to find one that suits your style.  This style works well with medium to long hair, or for short hair padding can be added to bulk out the shape. The braids make this an extra secure hairstyle with stunning texture which looks effortless so you can be sure that this will last your whole day.


Elegant & Structured buns

I really love creating this style of up-do, mainly because I like the challenge and of course because they are structurally beautiful.  I often find that these styles are preferred by my clients that are more of a perfectionist, like myself.  There are many different styles of bun up do's, maybe more of a simple but sleek bun is what you'd prefer because you'd like your outfit to stand out more.  Or if your hair is something you want to really show off, then having pin curls and twists within your bun will definitely be a statement look.


Undone/ Boho chic

If your looking for a style that looks effortless and romantic then this kind of style is for you. You can add braids and twists for extra texture and soft curls left out at the sides to add more of a relaxed look.  I find floral and foliage accessories go really well with this style.


Vintage up-do

Do you have a vintage themed wedding or event coming up? Spice up your hair and go for an ultra glam up do with pin curls and waves. I love creating these styles and vintage is in fashion! 



If you'd prefer your hair down for your special day then waves are a great option. With different types of waves from loose waves to structured Hollywood waves, if you have long or short hair waves will create volume and look totally glamorous!