Update & Crown brushes review


Apologies on the lack of posts Ive not really had much time since my last one. I flew to Ghent with my team

Rainy City Roller Girls

 to play in a tournament then when i got back ive been busy with re designing my makeup website and of course general life.

I think this blog post will be of use to many people as I always get asked about brushes and which brushes are the best to use etc.

I had heard a lot of good things about crown brushes on the internet and from other makeup artists so I thought well I need some new brushes (who doesent!) So I went online and bought some.

Im using Crowns images so you can see them clearly.

 First I noticed these beauts....

The 7 piece HD brush collection,  the brushes are made from dense nylon bristles, they are designed for powders, creams and liquids, they pick up less product therefore making them great for HD filming and photography. 

I used these today on my clients and they are sooo soft!! Made my makeup application flawless!

The brushes included are: 

Powder brush

Foundation brush

Blush brush

Blending crease brush

Round shadow brush

Eyeliner brush

Also in this set is a metal pallet and double spatula, this is great for mixing liquids and creams for example lipsticks, hygienically.  I'm so used to using my hand as a pallet using this will take some getting used too!

Priced at


I also bought these....

Metal eyelash comb

I've wanted one of these for a while now as plastic ones always break on me, ending up with gaps in the comb!   This is definitely good quality and separates your lashes after mascara application perfectly. 

Priced at


Duo fibre crease brush

A great little blending brush made from natural and synthetic fibres, for creams and powder products.

Its quite tapered at the end so is really good if you want to create a defined crease. Ideal as a concealer brush too!

Also priced at


Mini Duo fibre blender 

A synthetic/natural bristled brush again.  I also have the larger version of this kind of brush and this one is so much better for blending and buffing liquid/ powder foundations and blushers into skin.  Application is flawless and airbrush like with this brush. 

Priced at 


So over all, I really like these brushes and can see I will be using them a lot.

You cant really go wrong with them especially with the very reasonable price for the quality,  compared to some over priced brands out there! Remember to experiment with brushes, for example, you don't need to use a lip brush on lips and eye shadow brush on your lids just because its labelled that.

Crown also do own branding/labelled brushes so I might have a shiny new set in the future with my logo on!  :)

Also if your a professional you can apply for discount and will receive 10% off your order.


Sophie x